Mumbling about science #1

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My recent life is all about thesis~~~
Throughout my boring thesis life, sometime I feel lost,
Sometime I'm questioning myself, am I suitable to have research as my career?
What I'm going to do after my Master study? research? non-research???
Many challenges faced now, and it's going to be more crazy in the coming 2 months

Anyway, I found that science based on application can easily attract me
(that's also one of the reason why I choose "Applied Chemistry" as my major study field of Bachelor degree
So, while I lost in writing my thesis now, I tried to find back my interest toward Science, toward Chemistry
I found this video and it is impressive....

Even it's still in experimental stage, and still far away to make it to commercial market,
but I can see in the future, this kind of charger and battery are going to be very useful...
The theory behind this powerful battery - NANODOTS
This word enlighten me!!! It's something a little bit related to my thesis project.
With all these kind of application, it always encourage me to continue contribute my time to
scientific research.

Hmm, I need strength to go through the coming 2 months~~~
It's going to be my super busy period in my life....
* This is a kind of mumbling post, to make sure I'm not losing my research interest during my thesis writing.

That all.... I will mumbling the theory of nanodots next time...

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