My story in France #2 - Bus Strike

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Don't get deceive with the big date.... "Pour une duree indeterminee" means bus strike will continue for unlimited time until further notice......

It seem like I will write blog because my feeling is very up or very down....
and now my feeling is SUPER ANGRY...
The most annoying thing is even you are angry, you can't do anything...
WTF....( throw out all bad words in different languages)

Social movement is quite often happened in Europe countries. 
To be honest, it's very rare happen in Malaysia, or even in Asia countries. . 
There are many social movement happened all the year, 
with different requests, manifestation and demand. 
Seriously I not really care about the social movement throughout the period I stay in Europe...
However, this time, it's affect my daily life routine. 

Let’s me tell you the story from the beginning.
The bus operator in my town started social movement since last Tuesday (20.05.2014)
All buses in the town stop giving the service.
Those workers from bus operator are unhappy with the wages they had now and their working condition & benefits.
To solve these problems, they need to have discussion with the representative union in town.

OK, I understand the purpose of this social movement. 
(In Europe especially in France, employee is always have more power than the employer)
In fact, if this kind of thing happens in my country, 
employee sure can’t get any benefits, in reverse, 
the employer can deduct the salary of employee because of not working.
I don’t mind if there is no bus for one day 
(My attitude is going to look like a French, OMG!)
BUT, I’m really unhappy as there are going to have no buses at all for 2 weeks 
(or even longer, until they are happy with their benefits).
Hey, come on, not all the workers are involved in social movement. 
At least given some minimum service, provide some buses during peak hours 
(especially the time to go work/school and back to work/school).
The recent weather is bad and unpredictable, It’s always have sudden rain.
Walking under rain~~ Oh, it’s awful….

Because of demanding the benefits of 300++ worker, 
they already affect at least the life of 90000 passengers. 
Those bus daily users need to ask from their colleagues or friends for carpooling, 
or walking a certain distance.
Seriously, French people need better understanding and education about social movement.
Their reactions toward this kind of bus strike are
“oh, that normal”
“2 weeks consider normal”
“That’s France”

I’m just a foreigner. If the local take this thing easily, 
what's the point for a foreigner to complain???
So, even I’m angry, unhappy, but still I can’t do anything..
Hope that the bus strike will over very soon…

*Anyway, before ending my mumbling post, I still appreciate there are private company(next to my work place) free shuttle bus that save me from walking for some distance to work….(but I still need to walk around 5km and waste 50 minutes to and back from work per day)
*Now I'm envy to those people who have bicycle...How I wish I have bicycle now~~~

Before the end of spring, the beginning of summer....

                                                === C'est la France ===

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