My story in France #3 - Visit to Étretat

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This is my last semester in entire 2 years study in Europe. 
Not so easy, life is always challenging....
I travelled the most in semester2, while studied in Poland. I miss the moment I live in Poznan, Poland. 
While my last semester doing internship in France, I didn't travel much, 
but I have a short weekend break during last March. ( around the beginning of spring) 
The weather is unexpected well, even like a summer weather...
Thanks to my friend who invite me to join their road trip to Normandy. 
It's really awesome and memorable. 

I will divide into several posts to introduce the beauty of Normandy.
First, I would like to recommend this place- Étretat
It located at north-western of  France, about 3 hours drive from Paris. 
Étretat is best known for its cliffs, including three natural arches and the pointed "needle". 
Besides that, Étretat is also a place for people to enjoy the sea, beach and sun. 

The scene is awesome, breathtaking ~~~
Étretat, a place that worth to pay a visit, especially during summer!!

Étretat. Photo credit to my friend, Anna. 

Rocky beach in Étretat....

Sunset in Étretat.
Love this shot~~ Photo credit to my friend, Anna. 

Beside the cliff and beach, the building structure and design in Étretat are very unique.
It is something you can't find in big city like Paris.
We didn't stay in this town very long time, but I love this small town.
Many Parisien love to come here and enjoy their short vacation, and it's not so far from Paris.

When the weather sunny like summer, Ice cream shop will definitely have a good business.
Long queue will have in front of the ice cream shop.
Salty caramel is one of the popular ice cream flavor in Normandy.
Remember to try any food that relate to salty caramel when you come to Normandy.

Last but not least, Étretat and me~~~ 
March 2014. 

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