One more time~~~ Graduation!!!!!

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Many people might not know that graduation ceremony does not exist in French universities. 
However, some university departments have introduced unofficial ceremonies, notably for Masters and Doctorate graduates.

So, my master programme having a simple graduation ceremony after our thesis defense. 

Not as grand like in Malaysia university, no complicate protocol to follow; 
I didn't see any flower or graduation gift, 
and of course nobody will throw you high to the sky (UM culture),

In fact, there is no graduation robe and hood for French university.

Luckily we still have graduation robe and hood, look more like a graduation. This robe is not from the university. I guess it's specially done by our master programme only.

So, there is culture differences about graduation between Malaysia and France.

Anyway, simple is good
Here the look of ceremony....

Representative from 4 universities ( not sure who they are, but I shook hand with them after receive the certificate).  You may wonder why 4 universities?? It's because the master programme is a collaboration of 4 universities from France, Italy, Poland and Portugal.

So, while my name is being called, go up to stage, receive certificate, 
shake hand with 4 respectful men, and give a very short speech of appreciation.
I was nervous, even more nervous than the defense ( I don't know what I'm talking about during speech, LOL~~)

Time flies~~~~That  the end of my 2 years journey in Europe. It's challenging and amazing.
It's definitely a memorable experience in my life.
I never thought that I will continue my study until Master degree.
It might not the best master programme in the world, 
but I never regret the decision that I made, because the person I met are the best. 
All my friend that I met in this 2 year, especially my classmates, who help me, encourage me, accompany me throughout the journey.


Thank you my very best ziggy ladies, Nina from Scotland (left) and Eliana from Portugal (right). I will always remember all our crazy, ziggy moment, and the life we live in a flat in Poznan.

Thanks you my very best travel companion, Blanca from Mexico.Never forget the life we travel together, especially our Iran trip. I love the Mexican food because of her, and she is also my bestmate while hunting spicy food in Europe. Haha!!!

Thanks you my very best Muslim friend, Hoda from Egypt. She is the 1st classmate that I met in airport while I just came to France. A very knowledgeble, helpful friend indeed.

Thank you my very best Iranian friend, Leily. Another good cooker which make me fall in love with Iranian food.Iran trip will not be possible without her help and invitation.

Thanks you my dear friend Anna(left) and Damla(center) from Russia and Turkey. The interesting thing is that even we don't have any one semester stay in the same country, the 2 week summer school in Genova made us know each other more enough. Not forget that Anna is my 2 weeks roomate in hotel during summer school too....

Thank you my very best Columbian friend, Andres. Helpful and friendly classmate, oh we have 3 semesters staying in the same countries. A good man who contribute a lot of his effort in Association. 

Next, Thanks you to my Ukraine friend, also called Anna.The best photographer among us, and never forget our crazy moment in Normandy trip.

Thanks you my very best Indonesian friend, Randy. Sometime quiet,sometime funny guy indeed. Best flatmate in Genova.

Thank you to my Kazakh friend, Joldas. At first, I thought he is Chinese since his nationality is China. In fact, He is Kazakh. We always arrange in the same group to do report in semester 1 in France. I can see his improvement. Interestingly, his wife is working in Malaysia now. 

Thanks to my another 2 funny, married guy....On the left, Faisal from Oman, another friendly, good cooker. On the right, Mohamad from Egypt. They brought us a lot of joy among our classmate. 

Thanks you my very best, cute cat lady- Liuda from Ukraine. Her english accent is the most unique and difficult to understand for me. ( or maybe my accent is also difficult for others to understand) 

Next, Thanks you to the very cute couple classmate, Zaneta from Poland & Bob from USA. I can't drink alcohol with them, as they never drunk even they drink a lot. Anyway, when I think about party, I will remember you guys. And they are hitchhiking lover!!!

Thanks you to my British classmate, Christopher. I guess my accent is difficult for him to understand. Anyway, a perfect english, smart attorney guy, and also my best flatmate in Genova.  

And my very best, cute Turkish friend, Eda. She have my room in Genova after I left. She is cute when she drunk.... haha,opps~~

Besides my classmates, She is the person that help me a lot in document thing every semester, the manager of programme, Eva, and also the secretary, Beatrix( not in the photo).  

Director of my master programme, Sandrine. Thanks for her encouragement and advice. 

It's definitely a super long list to thanks, so to all my friends, people, lecturers I knew and met, Thanks you for participate partially my 2 years journey in Europe. 
I learned a lot in this 2 years, no matter in academic or non-academic field. 
Many thing happened toward me, which make me grow, develop into a better person. 
I'm very appreciate the scholarship given by European Commission, which fulfill my dream to study overseas. 
The simple ceremony lasts around 1.5 hour, continue with a boat party in Paris until midnight. 

So, what's my next step after graduation?
We will know soon~~~

Sunset in Paris

* Some photo used in this post credited to official photographer guy during graduation day 

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