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I wrote about the drinks in B.E Coffee in my previous blog post. You may refer to here
Besides the artistic coffee and drinks in BE, there are delicious food for your meal all day from breakfast, lunch to tea time. 

1. The Breakfast Essentials - RM 23.50
Breakfast is the most important meal of a day. A good breakfast in the morning give you a good beginning of a day. BE Coffee serving the English style breakfast, with sausage,scrambled egg, hashbrown, tomato beans and the salad. 
The salad is mixed with vinegar, which is the preferable way to start this meal. 
The portion of this set is big, with very large size of sausages. I would recommend to share with your friends. 
This breakfast is available not only in the morning. You can order it anytime if you come to BE Coffee. 

2. Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce & Rice - RM15.50
Chicken chop is the most common main dish in western meal. 
The texture of the chicken, the way to grill and the sauce used to eat with chicken chop are very important to give a perfect chicken chop set. 

3. Classic Hawaiian  - RM12.90
The most common pizza we see in Malaysia is with thick dough.
Classic Hawaiian is focusing the ingredients topping with finest cheese choice ,tomoto sauce and pineapple, which is very similar to the Pizza we can find in Western countries.
The size of this pizza is not big, suit for a personal portion.

4. Mushroom Spaghetti Aglio Olio- RM16.50
The uniqueness of this spaghetti is the use of olive oil plus some chili flake, which make this dish a bit spicy. Personally I like this dish.
Portion is not big.
The spaghetti look oily, but no worry, it's olive oil and it's good for health.

5.  Waffle- Turkey Bacon & Ham  - RM 15.90
The waffle is commonly eat with sweet sauce or topping. 
In BE Coffee, they served waffle with eggs benedict,bacon and ham. 
If you like to try new thing, then you have to try this waffle. 

6. Smoked Duck Panini - RM17.90
Panini is a grilled sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread. 
It is very common to find in western countries as healthy fast food and most of them will have it during their lunch break of  work/school. 
In BE Coffee, they served Panini with smoked duck, which have the bolder flavor than other poultry like chicken. 
It's my 1st time eating smoked duck. The taste considered good. It would be better if the Panini bread can grill on hot pan before served.  

7. Fried Lotus Chip - RM8.90
Lastly, it's come to small snack in BE Coffee.
They sliced the lotus to very thin pieces and fried.
It is just look and taste like potato chip, which I think it's another alternative choice for those who don't love potato. You can try Lotus Chip now in BE Coffee.

Besides the good drink and food you can find in BE Coffee, It's also good place for you to have gathering, chilling or discussion with your friends and family. There is not much decorations or fancy stuffs for photography, but it's comfortable with friendly staffs serving to every customer in the cafe.
There is selection of magazines and books, you may spend your good afternoon with a cup of coffee and some reading for inspiration .

BE Coffee New Branch Address: 
46, Jln Molek 1/28,Tmn Molek
81100 JB. (behind Molek OCBC bank )
Tel: 07 3643 128

Opening time: Monday - Sunday; 9am-7pm

For more information and the latest promotion: 
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/becoffeetmnmolek?fref=ts
Instagram : b.e.cafe

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