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A cup of coffee these days isn’t just a cup of coffee. 
Currently, it's a trend in Malaysia to have independent,theme-based cafes, 
with perfectionism in the making of a cup of coffee. 
These kind of cafes take seriously on the selection of coffee beans, coffee brewing, the portion of
sugar and milk used and the art design on the top of the coffee cup.  
Making coffee is now just like creating an art pieces. Of course this kind of coffee will be slightly higher price if compared to normal cup of coffee we can get in hawker stall or restaurant.  
The cafe has become the popular spot for youngster to have gathering, chilling , or even have a discussion. 
There are getting more selections of cafe in Johor Bahru, with one newly open branch in Tmn Molek- B.E. Coffee.

BE Coffee New Branch Address: 
46, Jln Molek 1/28,Tmn Molek
81100 JB
(behind Molek OCBC bank )

Tel: 07 3643 128

Opening time: Monday - Sunday; 9am-7pm

I was having a nice afternoon tea session at B.E Coffee with some bloggers last weekend. 

I will start with the home blend coffee, which have the blend of the coffee beans from Columbia and Sumatra.

(1) Ice Latte (RM11.50) 

Cafe's signature beverage. It is the best choice to drink a cold latte in the relatively warm weather in Malaysia. 

(2)Rose Latte ( RM10.50) 
The uniqueness of this cup of latte is with addition of rose flavor, blend into the coffee. You might feel weird if you can't adapt the slight rose taste in coffee. From the shop assistant, this rose latte is the most favourite choice for female customer. 

(3)Caramel Macchiato ( RM 10.90) 
This coffee is sweeter if compare to the other coffee served, as caramel has added into mixture, which contribute the sweetness of the drink. Personally, I can feel the caramel sweetness in right portion.Caramel taste is not that much in whole coffee.This is well suit for those who don't like bitter coffee. 

(4) B.E Cappucino (RM8.50)
Cappucino is always my favourite among the coffee variety. In tradition, cappucino is the mixture of expresso, hot milk and steam milk foam.
The cappucino in B.E. is good, smooth, not much foam.

(5) Vanilla Affogato (RM9.90) 
This is coffee-based dessert, with a scope of ice cream on the top of thick espresso. 
Personally I would recommend to share this dessert with few of your friends. The thick,creamy taste might let you have a feeling of full after few spoons.

(6) Handbrew Kenya Coffee by Syphon style ( RM15.00)
The main difference of this coffee from the above mentioned coffee is that this is the handbrew coffee, with using single coffee bean from Kenya. There is no addition of milk, creamer or sugar. 
You can taste the pure,bitter-sour bean taste from this cup of coffee, and the after taste lasts long.    
The syphon is the ideal brewing method to complete control of brewing parameters. 
The syphon style of brewing brings out the essence of Kenya bean.

(7) Citrus Chocolate ( RM12.50) 
If you are not the coffee lover, you can choose the chocolate drink in B.E
I'm amaze with their idea to design on the top of the chocolate drink.
This chocolate drink is not just rich with chocolate taste, while this drink has mixed with citrus flavor, which enhanced the taste as a chocolate drink.  

(8) Baby Chino ( RM 7.50)
A vanilla-based hot milk with the cutest design I ever seen as a cup of drink.
Vanilla makes the drink taste sweet, well suit to the small kid.  They will feel happy with this cutest design of drink.

The barista in B.E Coffee, who brewing the coffee professionally in the bar. 

To be continue

B.E. Coffee Review 2 - Food

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