Erasmus Mundus Scholarship talk in Malaysia --- About Giving Back

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I'm always thinking that I'm the lucky one,
to have the chance to further study in Europe with full scholarship.
There are a lot of my friends and readers wondering and curious about the scholarship
My mind come with "It's time to give back!!"
I would say Erasmus Mundus (EM) Scholarship is a wonderful scholarship which fulfill my Europe study dream.
I'm very glad that I'm being selected as a scholar.
Therefore, I always willing to share my experience about this scholarship and the EM program if anyone asking me about it.
I would love to see more Malaysian students having the chance to pursue their study in Europe.

I never ever thought that I will come back to my University as an organizer of this scholarship talk.
With very limited time of publicity, there were still 80-90 attendees coming for the talk.
I'm quite surprise and happy, in fact before the talk I'm so scare that nobody will come for the talk, then it will be embarrassing.

One of the Malaysian EM alumni,Hazariah Mohd Noh

 Malaysian EM alumni, Shamsul Ridzuan bin Idris 

Photo with Malaysian EM alumni. 
Thanks you to IPS, UM for supporting and helping for the event.
Thanks you to all attendees who come to the talk, hopefully they learn something after the talk.
Thanks you for my friend and family who support me always.
Even I don't get any benefits on organizing this talk, I'm happy that the event went on successfully. 
Because it's time to give back...
I'm happy to have the chance to give back.

If you want to read detailed report about this scholarship talk, you may go to this link

p/s: You are welcome to email me with your inquiry/doubt about the EM Scholarship and EM Master & Doctorate program.
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