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It still memorable when I look back all the photo I took during my Taiwan trip,
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>>> Night Market Food in Taiwan <<<< (click in if you're interested) 
Beside the Night Market, you can find many other delicious food in Taiwan. 
I would say Taiwan is really a food heaven. Haha!!!! I really want to go to Taiwan again. 
Ok, Let's introduce some significant foods in Taiwan that you must try if you go Taiwan.  

I come out with a list of 10 foods I tried during my trip to Taiwan.

1. Ah Chung Mee Sua (阿宗面线)-- Ximending (西門町) , Taipei
For sure, you shouldn't miss this food if you come to Taiwan. 
Basically  it's a vermicelli soup with some small oysters. 
The soup is thick due to the vermicelli, and it's always served hot. 
The interesting thing about this dish is that in their store, they don't put any table. 
People just buy it and eat immediately, standing in front of store. 
Therefore, you will always see people surrounding nearby the store, taking a small bowl and eat their mee sua.  

The taste is good, unique...Not too salty; Personally I like it very much. 

Although there are some franchise outlets in Malaysia & Singapore that imitate this mee sua , I would say you must try this origin, authentic mee sua in Taiwan.

2. Ah Gei--- Tamshui.  
Tamshui (淡水 ) is smaller city to the north of Taipei city, about 40 mins ride from Taipei central. This stall is said serving the most authentic Ah Gei in Tamshui. 

To be honost, I don't really know what is Ah Gei before the food come to me. If you have the chance to visit this stall, you will see almost all customers will order Ah Gei once they step into the shop. Ah Gei is a piece of deep fried tofu with ingredient inside such as bean tread noodles, cover with some fish paste. It can also served with a spicy sauce beside the common sweet sauce. 
Taste, Hmm, not bad. Personally I feel very unique about this food, and how the bean tread noodles put inside fish paste. 

3. Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea- Nearby National Taiwan University(NTU). 
Bubble tea is commonly known as a must-try drink once you come to Taiwan. 
There are many type of bubble tea served. I tried a lot of bubble tea in either night market or branded stall in Taiwan. 
The quality of this stall bubble tea is definitely good, as you can see the popularity from the long queue. 
The price of the bubble tea is cheap too, just NTD30.   

Brown sugar is added into milk bubble tea, which I think is the key factor that made their bubble tea so popular. The sweetness of bubble tea is just in the right portion. 
If your Taiwan trip including the visit of the top No.1 university in Taiwan- National Taiwan University, don't forget to join the queue and have a nice milk bubble tea in this shop. 
The owner of this bubble tea shop make their bubble tea quite fast, but still you need to wait around 15 mins queue. 

4. Steamboat 
I'm not purposely go to Taichung for a steamboat feast. In fact, due to my exchange programme mainly stay in Taichung, I have tried most of the delicious Taiwan food in Taichung. 
I just wanna try steamboat in Taiwan. It was a pleasant experience... 

I can't recommend any good restaurant for steamboat in Taiwan. Personally I feel it's nice to have a steamboat with your friends, especially if you visit Taiwan during winter season. 
Just be brave to try some special soup base in Taiwan. Hahaha~~~

5. Chinese Egg Wrap 
A very famous Taiwanese breakfast, which you find almost anywhere in Taiwan. 
There are variety choice for ingredients & sauce inside the egg wrap. It's just a perfect portion for breakfast suitable for most of the Chinese people. 

6. Fried Fish --- Qijin(旗津), KaoShuing 

Before I go to Qijin, which is a small island not far away from Kaoshuing, the only thing that I know before going to Qijin is to try and buy seafood. 
So, accidentally I tried this fried fish in Qijin, it's taste good. 

This fried fish is fresh, and there is egg wrap inside the fish paste. 
Good to eat while still warm.  
There are a lot of seafood you can try in Qijin. I didn't spend much time in Qijin, therefore I didn't try so much. However, I believe Qijin must have a lot of  good seafood-based dish.  

7. 7-eleven food - everywhere in Taiwan 
There are wide variety of food you can choose with very affordable price.  
You will visit 7-eleven if you are in Taiwan for sure, because 7-eleven just located anywhere and very frequent. 
Personally I suggest to try 2 food in 7-11------Guan Dong Zhu (關東煮) and tea boiled egg. 
Taste might vary according to each outlet. 
1 useful tip for anyone going to 7-11 for food hunting especially guan dong zhu, don't go at night. Most of the food is not so fresh at night.  

 8.Oyster Omelette ( 蚵仔煎)
This dish is very famous in Taiwan. I just mentally told myself I have to try, even I don't really favor this dish. 
Basically oyster omelette is easy to make. Potato starch is mixed with egg batter for the wrap,and fill with small oyster, and usually eat with savory sauce. 
You can find oyster omelette very frequently in most of the night market and some restaurants.    

 9. Yam ball doufuhua ( 芋圆豆腐花)
One of the popular Taiwanese dessert. 
The unique thing about this dessert is chewy yam ball eat with doufuhua. It's just a perfect match. 
I ate this dessert in Jiufen ( 九份).  

10. Minced pork rice. 

A very very common, affordable packed dish in Taiwan. 
The basic ingredient includground pork marinated and boiled in soy sauce served on top of steamed rice. 

More food recommendation, travel related posts are coming soon.
~~That all~~

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