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There are a lot of western cuisine restaurant in Johor Bahru, but not all are good. 
Most of the restaurant will have fusion between the western cuisine and the local, which will give the pros and cons to the cuisine. Some of us may like it, some may not. 
Food République is one of the well known western restaurant in JB, with authentic western cuisine by chef Ben. 
It's a restaurant that those western cuisine enthusiast must visit in JB
Thanks for the invitation from Food République and Ma Chérie - Johor Bloggers 
I went for this food review with high expectation, as I heard a lot of good comments and attractive photos about this restaurant in social media. 

Food République located in Tmn Pelangi, near to Leisure mall.  

To be honest, I'm quite impress how authentic the western cuisine the restaurant served. The cuisines based on several countries such as Italian pasta, America burger, Mexican sauce, etc....
Normally, western cuisine will start with appetizer -- Italian Bruschetta. (RM8.90)
It's a very popular appetizer in European countries, with tomato,basil, grarlic topping on the french loaf. Taste good and suitable as a starter of a meals. 

Next , another appetizer- Fried polenta (RM10.90). What is Polenta?
Polenta, in Italian, means the boiling cornmeal into a thick, creamy texture like porridge. It's crispy coated, with polenta inside.

Come to the main course, first to recommend is this Beef Bacon Carbonara Pasta. The carbonara sauce is thick and creamy, with beef bacon on the top of pasta. It's must served and eat warm, to retain the match between the sauce and pasta.

For those who don't like beef, there is Pan-fried Milked Fish (RM25.90), using fresh Butterfish coated with thin batter, pan fried until golden brown. Beside the fish, there is some vegetable and garlic mashpotato. Personally I like the mashpotato, which is unique in texture and taste.

Next, come to the signature Texas Honey Glazed Beef Burger (RM24.90). The texas honey glazed sauce is homemade by the chef, a blend between sweet and salty. In fact, as I saw the menu, there are quite a few cuisine use this sauce, such as the burger, steak, ribs... etc.  With this price, the size of the burger is big comparable to American style burger, with lots of ingredients inside, not just the meat and bacon. I like this kind of burger a lot. Besides the burger, there is corn and chips as side dish. It's also good taste to dip your chip with their Texas Honey Glazed sauce.

Next , come to new dish by chef -- Beef rib with Texas Honey glazed sauce. It's still not on the menu yet. As you see from the presentation, the chef has applied the sauce by layer and grill. Look shinny on appearance because of the sauce and not overcook. The meat texture is tender and not tough.

Last but not least, one of the dessert in the restaurant-- Double Choc. Brownies and Ice Cream (RM 11.90). The brownies not too sweet, with the fullness of chocolate fragrance and the Ice cream as a match.

As the trend of restaurant not just serving the good food, the theme based restaurant become more attractive to the youngster and the enthusiast toward special interest. The owner of the Food République has displayed some of the well known movie props used by the actor. Some is even the rare collection and highly valuable as it's really used in the movie.Besides the props, there are some model, mask and poster of certain movie.

The most well known of newspaper used in "Harry Potter" movie. Besides the newspaper, there is a flying broom hanging at the corner of the restaurant.

This model is almost same height like me. It's a good spot to take a photo with the model.

Overall, I like the western cuisine served, which make me remind the time when I studied in Europe, especially the Bruschetta, which I always ate during the party in University and the carbonara pasta, which is one of the dish served in the full set of dinner in Italy. Not very big portion, but feel the fullness as the cream is thick.
I would recommend to order 1 main course per person and share the appetizers and desserts with your friends.

More information about Food République
Address : 72, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 7-331 1718
Opening time: Everyday except Wednesday
                        12-4pm, 6pm-10pm

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