Dinner Buffet @ Wembley Cafe, St. Giles Wembley Hotel Penang.

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As my previous blog post introduce about St. Giles Wembley Hotel, Georgetown Penang , the restaurant inside the hotel, which located at 2nd floor, serves decent dinner buffet with more than 100 choices of food.

Wembley Cafe of St. Giles Wembley Hotel provides wide variety of cuisine all day long, with a very unique rotational theme based dinner buffet every night. This means everyday they serves different dishes based on the theme. I visited on Monday and the theme of the day is Spice and Herb Penang buffet.

Theme Buffet Dinner start at 7pm, until 10pm. In this 3 hours, you can enjoy different cuisine of food in a very pleasant environment.

Most of the food are keeping warm, with the cover to ensure the hygiene of the restaurant. The variety from the salad with variety of dressing & condiments, cold cut, marinated salad, seafood on ice, sushi and sashimi, soup, breads & cheese, Chinese barbeque & dim sum, etc....

The main course from mussels, vegetables, prawns, crabs, lamb, pasta, fish, chicken, noodles,etc.... you may not like all the dishes, but for sure there are some that you like.

Spices of penang~~~ as with theme, there are series of food related to spice of Penang. 

Not forgetting the dessert , it is something you must try in your buffet dinner. Keep some of the space of your stomach for more than 20 different kinds of cake, pudding,pastry, kuih, fruits and ice kacang. Besides that, there is ice cream with different flavors and the chocolate fountain.  

Overall , I tried most of the food served in Dinner buffet. The food variety are so much until I can't try for all. I walked around to have a glance of all the food served in buffet before I eat. Personally I like the sashimi. I took few pieces and it's fresh. I like the cold soba noodles too. You will need to add the ingredients and soup on your own. 

I tried the Chinese barbeque, which is freshly served by a chef once you make an order.   For the main course, personally I tried the mussels, stir-fried prawn and crab. Taste are good overall. 

As a dessert lover, I tried most of it. The cakes is good , sweet without too much of cream. To special mention, the ice cream served is good in quality and unlike other buffet dinner which may use a very normal brand ice cream. Really feel like a kids when I dipped some marshmallow with chocolate fountain. 

To be honest, the theme of the buffet dinner is not very strong, with few dishes follow the theme. Without the list of the menu for "Herb and Spice" , I might not notice the dishes which is specially for the day of "Herb and Spice". Overall, I can still see some trend of main courses using different herbs and spice to cook .   

If you think a dinner buffet is boring and serves the same food everyday, you are totally wrong. One week 7 days, Wembley Cafe serves different theme dinner buffet. You will see different kinds of cuisine on other day than Monday. Do come and try the dinner buffet with affordable price.

For more information :
Address : 183 Jalan Magazine, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Phone for reservation: +60 4-259 8000
Website: http://www.stgiles.com/penang-hotels/the-wembley-hotel/
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/StGilesWembley

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Can know is it halal for the supper buffet?

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