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As you explore the Heritage area of Georgetown, I'm sure you will notice this historical building. This building is located near to Padang. Besides the office of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC), inside this building there is hotel and restaurant too. Well, the restaurant is located on 2nd floor of building. There is quite a few of entrances and the direction to restaurant is quite clear. 

When I stepped into the restaurant, I really can't believe that I'm inside a historical building. The whole interior design look modern with classic, with black, white and wooden brown as the main theme colour of restaurant. With huge,transparent window to the rooftop, the sunlight give some nature light into the restaurant during day..  This space provides a good environment, no matter a discussion about your work or a simple gathering with your friends. 

Here the rooftop of the building and you can see the busy road greeting you. It's a bit hot to stay in rooftop during day, but I believe it's the favourite spot for the visitors during the night.  

The Chambers Restaurant serves both lunch and dinner with different menu. As I see from the menu, you can find both Western and local Chinese cuisine with detailed description and price in bilingual. 

The waitress are well trained and I didn't wait too long for my food. 
Here's come to my fresh blend apple juices -- RM8
I like this fresh juice as it's not too sweet. 

I chose Western cuisine for this lunch, therefore I ordered an appetizer as well.
Here is one of the signature appetizers in restaurant .
Smoked salmon pork meat ball with in-house apple sauce -- RM20
From the look and presentation of this appetizers, it's made me delighted. With this decent look with some flower petals as decoration, it's really took me a while to take more photo before eat.
The meat ball is not like a normal frozen meat ball we can find in supermarket. The taste is special as the chef mixed the salmon and pork together.
Not forgetting the sauces and some small piece of fruits in this appetizer. All these small side decoration has made a perfect match with the meat ball.
Personally I like this appetizer a lot.

Next come to the main course. There are wide variety of choice such as chicken chop , beef stew etc...
I chose fish as my lunch on that day.
Beer Battered Fish & Chips (Grouper Fillet) -- RM26
As I see this dish served in front of me, I know this is the authentic English style Fish & Chip, as there is tartar sauce!!! ( Maybe mushy peas is one of the thing that this Fish & Chip lack of).
The batter coated for fish fillet is not thick, with very light taste of beer. ( You have to try the fish without adding any sauce or lemon, or else can't really feel the beer taste)
The fillet is quite soft, with crispy coated batter, perfectly match with the mayonnaise salad and vegetable with vinegar sauce.
To be honest, the portion is quite big with lots of thick cut chips.

Next, come to the dessert. I chose this
Creme Brulee with Haagen Daz Vanilla ice cream -- RM18
Personally I'm creme brulee lover!! It's quite hard to find a good creme brulee in Malaysia restaurant.
This dessert served not only the creme brulee, but come along with Haagen Daz ice cream. I found both of them are quite match to each other, plus some fruits.
As expected, the custard base is soft, with the fragrance of the caramel on the top of creme brulee.

From appetizer,main course and the dessert, with the pleasant look and the quality of the food, I can see the professional of chef in handling the Western cuisine. To cook a Western cuisine is not as easy as we thought. The chef had successfully presented his dish with little local fusion. This is definitely a  good place to bring your friends who love Western cuisine to have a try.

For the lunch, there is several choices of  pasta dish. Besides, the Chambers Restaurant also served Chinese cuisine such as Nyonya, Hainainese, Hokkien and Cantonese style rice and noodles.    

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like"  --Mark Twain

For more information , you may visit their website or FB page:
Address: 2nd Floor, 23 Light Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 10200
Call for Reservation 04-2625568
FB page:
Open daily except Sunday

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