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Made In Penang Interactive Museum (MIPIM) is a well-know 3D art museum, which located in Weld-Quay, Penang. My 1st impression from the name of the musuem, I thought it is just a 3D art museum, with very trending "drinking kopi with YB Lim" in social media. 

Well, it's not just 3D art, the displays in the museum are all related to Penang. This is an interesting way for tourists to understand the culture and history of Penang. 

MIPIM is located in a 2-storey white English building, near to Jetty Terminal. Just in front of the museum, there is a very attractive red big clog with the mandarin name of the museum. 

From the entrance to the ticket counter, you will start to see some painting related to Penang. Buy a ticket and start to explore the heart of the museum.

Once you step into the museum, you will see the some miniatures related to the lifestyle of old Penangites. 
The guide had professionally explain the background of each miniatures. Through the miniatures, you can understand briefly about the history of Penang.   

As the museum name with " Interactive", the museum is not just see the displays. The visitor will have the chance to experience themselves on the making of clog. Clog is a wooden thick base shoe, which is very common to see and wear by old Penangites. 

This giant miniature is about the history of Weld Quay. During the old time, the shipment is made at here. 

The tour continue to the next floor. Here is the 3D painting from the local artists about the 12 chinese horoscope.  The drawing is not only 3D, but with some cute and humour element in the drawing. No matter you are kids or a big adult like me, you will like it.   

Next, come to the most interesting 3D interactive art. There are about 30++ art, which is all related to Penang culture and history. It's going to be very fun if you come with a bunch of friends who willing to be the actor or actress. This part of the museum is definitely going to spend you sometime on taking interesting photo, such as a mirror without a reflection as shown in my photo below. 

Your ticket of entrance is going to be useful as you stand and show in front of the interactive kiosk . Some surprise will be displayed in the kiosk. Therefore, keep your ticket well and search the kiosk in the museum to find out the surprise. 
In addition , there is a multimedia area with a short video presentation about Penang. You may sit down, relax and watch the presentation to know more about Penang.

The art in the museum will be revised and some of the art may update and replace with the new 3D art. Therefore, this museum is not a typical museum that you only need to visit once in your lifetime. Your next visit may have some new arts and painting that you never seem before.

As the unique thing about 3D art is " look like real but it is fake" , to take a good picture with good angle and position is important so that your friends will be amazed. 
No worry about wasting time find the best position to have the superb real 3D photo, there is red clog symbol with a camera in each of the 3D art to tell you the best place to take photo, and also a small picture beside the 3D art to tell you how to pose. Therefore, everyone can be a good photographer and good model while you are in the museum. 
The well-trained staffs and guides are always around the museum to help the visitors. 

MIPIM is definitely a new concept museum, which want to make the visitor to know that learning the history can be fun.  You can gain some information about Penang, and in the same time, with lots of interesting photo with 3D art back home. This is definitely an awesome place for photography.

For more infomation about Made In Penang Interactive Museum, you may visit their website or FB page for latest update.
Address : No.3 Pengkalan Weld,10300 GeorgeTown, Malaysia
Phone     : +604-262 6119
Website :
FB page:

Penang Hop-on Hop-off
Made in Penang Interactive Museum is near to the Jetty terminal. Therefore, you may take Hop-on Hop-off and stop at Stop 12. From the stop, walk along the road in less than 5 minutes, you will see the "red big" clog icon of the museum.
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