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ESCAPE is one of the new theme park in Penang. It's somehow categorize as  theme park, but it is more about adventure games hosted in a natural environment. ESCAPE re-introduces the play and values of yesteryear so to inject reality into a world overdependent on an isolation-inducing electronic lifestyle.
Since the ESCAPE launched, I heard mostly positive feedback from my friends. It's also become one of the favorite spot for the school and corporate for team building.
An adventure games not only give you an exciting feeling and unusual feeling, it's also trained you on how to face the fear and to conquer it.
I'm glad to have a chance to visit ESCAPE for this Penang trip.

The wristband is specially design so that you can play without worry about carry a paper ticket. This wristband is like your prepaid card, as you can reload the credit and spend inside the park.
p/s: You are not allow to bring any outside food and drink into the park. ( Even the drinking water is not allowed, Hmm... )

There are quite a few interesting sentences to remind you to enjoy the park. Some are quite creative. Here is one of it. Having fun in ESCAPE is not only for kids, but "big kids" like me can enjoy a lot too.

Basically, the rides and games in ESCAPE are designed for a wide range of age groups, abilities, and energy levels.  There is no age limit to have fun and challenge yourself in ESCAPE.

Before you start the games, normally you will need to watch a video on the instructions and safety measures. As ESCAPE emphasize on self-directed and self-powered play, therefore it's important you watch the video, and know how to play later.

As you stepped in to the park, you may amaze with the challengers who finding the ways to cross from one platform to another platform. With different climbing obstacles, you may need to think out the ways to make yourself safe, and in somehow you will feel thrill and exciting, but in the same time, you are still safe . You may fall down, but once you tried for few times, you will successfully conquer it. The obstacles are in series, not like other adventure park. Therefore, once you start the games, you have to finish all obstacles to end the games.

There are about 20++ adventure games in ESCAPE park. One of the most popular games in ESCAPE- Monkey Business.

Another popular games in ESCAPE, which test your braveness to try the free fall.

There are some games specially designed in consideration of age. Like this climbing maze, it's mini size and lower if compare to the climbing obstacles for big kids.

Safety belt is very important for all the games you play in ESCAPE. The friendly staffs will double check on your wearing of belt and adjust it if need.  

Personally I tried flying trapeze on the day. It's a games like flying fox, and fly across the park and jungle.  I tried flying fox before, but the most special thing about flying trapeze in ESCAPE is it is not just 1 time you will fly. You will fly in series, for 4 times; and you need to change the pulley and rope by yourself when you come to next platform in order to continue the whole "flying journey". This is something I never try before, which make me a bit nervous.

Besides the games and rides, there is some wooden small house which is quite suitable for team building activity such as treasure hunt. All this small house is well spread throughout the jungle in ESCAPE. You may stop by and rest at any small house if you are tired. Some houses have chairs and fans for rest.

The park provides the locker, which you can keep your belongings safety. To lock and unlock, you will have to scan your wristband.

Come to the " Grass-shopper" and you will find variety of souvenirs that you might like to bring home. Don't forget to return your wristband and get back your leftover credit and deposit here too before you leave.

Overall,  ESCAPE is fun to play for those who love adventure activities. Anyway, visiting ESCAPE is like doing the sport, as you will sweat a lot while doing the fitness activities and games. The games are mostly interesting with physical challenges. As you pass all the challenges, you will feel satisfy once you step out the park. Besides doing those challenging activities, ESCAPE also want to inspire the visitor to love the mother nature and preserve our environment.

I would strongly recommend to come to ESCAPE early morning to avoid extreme hot weather at noon. Bring insect repellent and apply if necessary.

Have a look on the park map before having fun~~~

"To adventure is to find yourself whole"

More information about Escape Penang: 
Address: 828 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4 8811 106
FB page:
Opening Hours : Tues - Sun, 9am - 6pm. ( Closed on Mondays, unless it is a Public Holiday.)

Penang Hop-on Hop-off
You may take Hop-on Hop-off beach routes line, and stop at Stop 31
The ESCAPE is just in front of the stop.

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