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If you do online shopping , you will definitely know Taobao- which is the Chinese online shopping website. Taobao is popular, due to wide variety of items sell in cheaper price than the market in Malaysia. In fact, there are a lot of items sell in the shopping mall , which actually also come from Taobao. 
I tried to purchase some cloths from Taobao directly before, but it’s end up with a lot of hassle such as payment, after sale service, slow and pricey shipping fees,etc….
Due to popularity of getting cheaper items from Taobao, there is a lot of local forwarder, offer the service of handling the items we purchase from overseas to us. 

ezbuy provides shopping service from China, Taiwan and USA, with reliable service and cheaper shipping fees offered. Here’s are some reasons why you should start your online shopping with ezbuy: 

1.Lowest shipping fees
As an online shopper, the thing I dislike the most will be high cost of shipping fee. Due to shipping fee, sometime I will think twice whether want to buy more of not. 
ezbuy offers reasonable shipping fees with RM4.50 per 500g (West Malaysia).  

Besides that, ezbuy also introduced new shipping fee system “Prime”. Personally, I think it’s a great deal for frequent Taobao shopper. With RM8.80 shipping fees, you can ship unlimited items you buy from Taobao.  No matter how heavy the items you bought, you just need to pay RM8.80 shipping fees. 

2.Multilingual website 
If you visit Taobao website, you will notice all the information of product will be in Mandarin. For those who can’t read Mandarin, you might find it difficult to understand the product detail. ezbuy provides multi language translation( English and Bahasa Melayu) ,  which ease you in selecting the thing you would like to buy.

3.No Agent Fees
Another thing which shoppers will consider when using Taobao forwarder will be the agent fees charge. This charge is vary and sometime not transparent and clear. 
ezbuy offered some items with NO AGENT FEES !!!! Yes, you not need to pay this fees to have the quality service from ezbuy

4.After sale service
This service is important for an online shopper, as we just see the product from the picture, and didn’t check and touch the product before purchase.
ezbuy offers after-sale service, which include wrong order, damaged and missing parcel. Online shopping becomes more secure and less hassle with ezbuy.

5.Discount up to 70%
Everyone love discount. In ezbuy, the products are updated weekly and discount up to 70% is offered.

6.Good news to all my reader!!!
Free RM15 ezbuy voucher for all the reader !!! Just register and you can get it. 
If you are already ezbuy user, you are entitled 15% off shipping fee with your purchase -remember use this promo code 

Shop like a pro today with ezbuy!!! Get all the great deal and pleasant shopping experience with ezbuy !

Official Website :  ezbuy.my

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