Visit to La Cool Restaurant, Permas Jaya. (CLOSED)

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Permas Jaya is not very far from my home, but I seldom go to Permas Jaya to hunt for good food. 
La Cool Restaurant , which located at Permas Jaya had truly amazed me with their good western food and desserts served. 
As I stepped into this restaurant, I can see there are few white foreigners having their dinner. I believe the food served is good, therefore the white foreigners choose to come here regularly for their meal. 
It's a very comfy restaurant, with ample of space, very suitable to hold an event or party. 
La Cool Restaurant started since September 2016, took over from Re Della Pasta (甲蟲餐廳). 

From the name of the restaurant, you might guess the cuisine served.
During my visit, I tried their signature western cuisine, which generally start from salad as an appertizer, then come to this pasta.
This Beef Tenderloin Spaghetti is perfect as a start of your main course. With some cheese flakes on the top of beef slice, the noodles are served lightly oiled and with the exquisite, full-flavored of tomato sauce.
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Spaghetti-RM28.00

Lasagna is another popular Italian pasta cuisine. It's not easy to find a good quality Lasagna in JB restaurants. La Cool Restaurant served lasagna, not over cheesy with good portion between the meat and pasta.
Homemade Lasagna ( Pork/ Chicken) -RM23.00

Cheese is one of the important ingredients in western cuisine. Cheese can match well with chicken chop too. Personally, I like this chicken chop. The meat is not dry, with melted cheese on the top of chicken chop.
Cheesy Grilled Chicken Chop- RM21.90

Besides chicken, melted cheese can be found in their pork ribs. The portion is big with very affordable price. The ribs are cooked with BBQ sauce, served with wedges vegetable and salad. The meat is tender and not dry.
Cheesy Pork Rib- RM63.00

This rib eye steak served was medium rare, taste much better than what I thought for rare steak.
Normally I prefer medium well steak. However, I can accept this. I believe the quality of steak chose is good, so I don't feel disgusted to eat medium rare steak. Yes!!! the meat is from the Australia rib eye, which is suitable for fast and hot cooking.
It served with some herb potato and salad.
Australia Rib Eye Steak-RM78.00

Pork Knuckle, which is more well known as the western style of pork leg. This German meal is getting common to served in Western restaurant in JB. As you can see from the photo, it's crispy on the outer layer, with tasty meat matched with 3 different homemade sauces.
Crispy Pork Knuckle- RM63.00

For those who love to eat lamb, they served grilled lamb rack. The gamey taste of lamb is not obvious, which is what I would prefer. 
Lamb Rack- RM46.00

Come to the end of dinner, I tried some desserts recommended by chef.
Tiramisu is served , with great mascarpone cheese cream, flavoured with cocoa and strong coffee aroma of Savoiardi (ladyfingers biscuit).
From appearance, this tiramisu is not like what we usual see in Malaysia, but the taste is great, very close to the Tiramisu I ate in Italy.
Tiramisu (not in the menu yet!!)

Matcha hot cake served with some berries. The matcha taste is strong, flow out as you cut the cake. It's lightly sweet taste of matcha powder on the top of the cake. Matcha lover should not miss this dessert in La Cool Restaurant.
Matcha Hot Cake- RM12.50

Another flavour of  hot cake- Chocolate Fondant. The taste is better than expected, with warm chocolate flavour flow out when you cut the cake. It's not sweet, with thick chocolate sauce in the hot cake.
Chocolate Fondant-RM12.50

There is a variety of drinks to choose, including wine. If you are not an alcoholic drinker, you can choose their milkshake with different flavours, such as vanilla,chocolate,coffee, mango,etc.... The milkshake ingredients including fresh milk and a scoop of ice cream, which served in a long glass, with some fruits as topping.

Do come and try their western cuisines in La Cool Restaurant in Permas Jaya!!

* p/s: The restaurant served lunch set menu with competitive price. Just check out their FB page for more information .
FB page :

La Cool Restaurant
No 1, Jalan Permas10/8,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
81750 Masai, Johor.

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