Recap of the year 2016

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Time flies~~ It's almost the end of the year 2016. In less than 2 months, we are going to say bye to 2016 and Hi to 2017.  
I believe I live each day to the full. I tried the thing I never try before. 
Let's have a quick recap of what I'm doing this year so far.

1. First time visited Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 
When I just stepped into working life, I tell myself no matter how busy I am, I need to travel to a new country every year. I want to be a traveler, not tourist. I plan all my travel by myself, from searching the flight ticket, booking an accomodation and later come to the itinerary. This year, I visited Ho Chi Minh. A country which amazed with lot's of motobike and crazy traffic. 
Cu Chi, Vietnam

2. First time visited Hong Kong and Macau. 
It's a bless and quite a sudden decision about this Hong Kong and Macau trip. It's my 1st time to Hong Kong. I will remember how fast the pace to live in this busy city, and how precious the space in a city. The small room for accomodation and crowded seats in the restaurant . 
Wisdom path, Hong Kong

Macau- a small country which you can easily spot a casino. 
Mont Fortress, Macau

3. First time attending a conference as a presenter. 
Attending a conference or symposium as a participant is nothing new to me. It's really make me nervous this time as I'm presenter in the conference this time. I'm glad I did it ! 

4. Discover more good food in JB. 
With the booming of cafe and restaurant, I love to try any cafe or restaurant I never been. It's good to have a bunch of good friends who searching good food and coffee with me in JB. More to go~~~

5.  I joined Viper Challenge!!
I'm not really the fans of marathon. Well, I finished this 20km + 20 obstacles challenge this year!!!
It's super tiring, but feeling good when I received this finisher medal. 

How about you?? What you had done in year 2016? 
You still have one month plus to complete the thing you want to do. 
I can't complete all the thing mentioned above without the support of my friends, colleagues and family. 
Christmas is 1 more month to go!! For me, Christmas is not just a religious festival. Most of my non-Christian friend, we have the same thought that it's a festival to express your gratitude to your loved one, and a reunion to celebrate with your family. It's a seasons of giving. 
Have u think of what to give for your loved ones?
Keep calm and shop early! Be a smart shopper and avoid the last minute crowd, and online shopping has made it really convenient nowadays to choose the gift.
If you are looking for a personalised gift  to your friends and family, here are links you may interest: 

You can avoid similarity with personalised gift. It's unique and I believe the receiver will feel more sincere on the personalised gift! See how personalised gift created!! 

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