Some tips on how to choose the right watches.

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Did you wear watch?
What is your purpose to wear watch? As a time-keeping device??

I still remember the first watch I got from my parents. It was a cartoon-designed digital watch..
Until now , watch is still important to me, to remind myself the time, especially when I'm in a place without a clock.

Nowadays, most of the people don't use their watches for telling the time. Instead, they can also use their smartphone as a time-keeping device. Watch is not just to tell you the time. It is usual to have more than 1 function-able watch, to match our outfit of the day.

Believe it or not, a right watch will make your appearance look attractive and appealing .
Watch is one of the important fashion accessories.
Watch can be a symbol of status too.

In the current market, there is wide variety of watches available.
Here's are 2 simple tips from me on how to choose a suitable watch:

1. The formality of your outfit
Analog watches are considered classic and formal, making them suitable for business, formal events or a date.
The material and colour of strip should match with your outfit.
For casual, you can wear digital watch or smartwatch.
Size of the watch needs to be fit with your wrist size too.
Metal strip analog watch match with light colour formal dress. 

2. Match your watches with your shoes. 
A black watchband is more suited for formal events.
Silver watches match best with dark colour shoes such as  black and grey ;
Gold watches go with browns or other earth tones colour of shoes. 
When you wear a leather shoes, match it with your leather strip watch. 
For men, since there are not much fashion accessories can be used, therefore a stylish watch will add a lot of impression to their appearance.

Do check out some of the latest modern women watches to find the suitable watch to spruce up your look!!!

Black band watch match with semi-casual dark outfit

Did you wear the right watch today?? Do check and match your watch with your outfit starting today.

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