Visit to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Mount Austin [CLOSED]

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Nowadays, most of us are aware of healthy diet, such as less sugar, less salt and less oil.
Japanese food is highly emphasis on healthy diet, especially their noodles and don.
I don't feel thirsty after eating the Japanese food.
I still remember many years ago, eating a Japanese meal is pricey and expensive.
However, Japanese meal can be budget and affordable.
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant opened their new outlet in Mount Austin last month, mainly focus on Japanese Bento, Don and Noodles.

One of the signature dish will be this Cha Soba (Cold Noodle) . This is so far the cheapest Cha Soba I ever ate in JB, plus the taste and portion are in quality standard.
If you are cold noodle lover, you should not miss this Cha Soba if you drop by here.
The texture of noodle, immerse into the sauce given, with the sesame given, you feel the instant to have few more. even eating without the meat.
You may add-on this Cha Soba with onsen tamago (half boiled egg).
Cha Soba- RM8.90

The Japanese style of Tartar sauce, which commonly known as "Nanban" . The Nanban sauce in this don is creamy, with rich of mayonnaise and mustard . You may choose either Nanban chicken or fish don. 
Nanban Chicken Don- RM8.90

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant served Japanese Curry dish, with variety options of topping and noodle types.
You can also find some Ramen - with topping of your choice.
Ebi Curry Udon- RM15.90

Karrage Chicken Ramen- RM13.90

Some recommend side dish to be order- edamame and gyoza (Japanese Pan-Fried Dumplings).

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Address :
4, 46, Jln Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

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