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I believe most of us drink fruit juice. However, we are not aware of the type of juice we drink.
In recent years, there are growing number of cafe selling cold-pressed juice, which refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. For our impression, cold-pressed juice are normally high cost, as they claims that the nutrient of fruit is well-preserved in the juice.

I always wonder the fruit juice should left some pulp, if they really get the juice from the fruit. The pulp of fruit normally rich with fibre.
Here's come to the idea of making fresh fruit juice with pulp, without adding sugars, water and preservative.
Juseu Juice, located in the heart of Austin Height shoplot, served the fresh juice with innovative and creative idea.

You might wonder why I mentioned "innovative & creative". You can create and mix the fruit, vegetable and topping, using all this cute, colourful blocks.

You can put your blocks together, and scan the match. There are wide variety of fruit and vegetable for you to mix and match. If you don't know what to choose, you can put a "surprise" block, the system will help you decide the match of your juice today.

What will display when you scan the blocks you chose? It will show the nutrient content and calories. It's great for those who want to control the calories intake. 

The juice is obtained using the slow juicer, which is a preferred way compare to normal blender.
Tadaa~~ For my juice, I added some chiaseed as topping.
Overall, your every sipping of juice, you will feel the pulp, but in the same time, all these pulp is nicely swallow, just like the other normal juice.
The sweetness of the juice is natural and from the fruit itself. There is not extra adding of sugar and water.
The price of a bottle of fresh juice might be slightly higher compare to other normal juice, considering as the juice is originally from fruit itself only, without adding anymore sugar, ice and water. A significant amount of fruits needed in order to make a bottle of fresh juice.

Besides the fresh juice, Juseu Juice served the smoothie bowl as healthy snack.
As you see from the picture, It consists lots of grains and fruits.

Do come and try their juice and healthy snack at Juseu Juice. Start your healthy life today ~~~

More information about Juseu Juice:
Opening hours: 9AM - 10.30PM
FB page:
Location ( same row as The Hare cafe)

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