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I still remember when I’m still a kids, my mum told me that the rice we eat everyday are mainly from Thailand.

As I grow, I realised that there are paddy fields in Malaysia, which supply part of the rice we eat everyday. The paddy field are located mainly in Kedah.

In recent year, due to the filming of few scenes at the paddy field in Sekinchan, it’s goes viral and become one of the most popular attraction in Malaysia.

Sekinchan, a small town which is located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur. The town have the wide area of paddy field , which supply the rice, and in the same time, it is also a fishing village, which supply the fresh seafood.

Before I visited Sekinchan, I was once amazed how fast Sekinchan gain it’s popularity and become the top tourist attraction in Malaysia. Before that, It’s just a quiet fishing village.

I believe the power of social media help in spreading the beauty of Sekinchan.
The most viral photo you can see in Facebook and Instagram about Sekinchan will be the greeny paddy field.

“ The beauty of nature can’t replace with any other attractions”

It’s explained well why Sekinchan become famous. When your life is full of works and study in the busy bustle city, you will look forward a place that you can slow down your pace and relax your mind.
Sekinchan is the place for those “big-city, busy” people looking for an escape. 

Here’s I would like to share with you some guide about Sekinchan.

1. How long I should spend in Sekinchan? I would recommended to stay at least 1 night in Sekinchan. There are quite a few accommodation nearby Sekinchan for your choice. ( Check out here for more Sekinchan Hotel )

2. Avoid arranging your visit to Sekinchan during public holiday or long weekend. Sekinchan is much nicer to experience with less crowd. When there is crowd, heavy traffic can be expected.

3. Transport- It is more convenient to visit Sekinchan using car. Highly recommended to take a car pool. Alternatively, you can get public bus to Sekinchan at Pudu Sentral. ( Counter KT40). You may check the bus schedule at this website : . You may rent the bicycle to get around Sekinchan.

4. It’s a must to visit paddy field in Sekinchan. Best time to visit the paddy field in the month of May and November, when the paddy is mature, and you will see a brillant of golden yellow field.  If you want to know more about paddy field in Sekinchan, you may visit paddy processing factory and museum .

5. Another must do thing in Sekinchan will be having a seafood feast. The seafood is extreme fresh as they just caught from the sea. You may busy some snack (keropok) back home from fishing village.


6. You can enjoy the breeze and sea at beach ( Pantai Redang ). It’s great place for picnic.

7.  Remember to make a wish and throw a red ribbon onto the tree, which is also nearby Pantai Redang.

8. What to buy in Sekinchan?? You may buy the brown rice which is produced Sekinchan. Besides that, you can look for mango, which you can find nearby Paddy Processing factory. The mango is sweet and big.

9. Sunrise/ sunset in Sekinchan. It’s worth to have a view of sunrise and sunset in paddy field and the beach.

Sekinchan is a great place friend and family to have bonding time, put away all your worry, reflect and peace your mind. It’s not costly to travel to Sekinchan. Personally I don’t spend much when I visited Sekinchan with my friends. Overall, What I remember the most about my Sekinchan trip will be full of laughter and great memories.

“Travel is to discover the hidden beauty”

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