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Since the Korean wave, there is growing number of Korean Restaurants in Johor Bahru in the recent years.
You may easily find the Korean food, which Korean Stars eat in Korean Drama.

Omaya opened their 3rd outlets in Malaysia, which located at the new shoplot in Mount Austin,JB, after the success of first 2 outlets in Subang Jaya and Mont Kiara.

Great interior design can do as much for a restaurant as good food and drinks can. As you step in Omaya Mount Austin outlet, you will feel the strong industrial element, from the staff uniform, the indistrial interior design and the box putting the sauces and side dishes.

As like other Korean restaurant, there is TV playing the K-Pop MV, which is visible when you having your meal.

All the set in menu looked interesting, I chose some sets for my dinner.

1. 1200mm Korean BBQ Skewer
It's really a woah~ when you just see this 1200mm BBQ stick served in front of you. It will hanging from the top. The long stick consists of different types of meat, from the bottom you can see the pork, and later the middle portion with chicken, and lastly the seafood. In between the meat, there is some bell pepper, onion and lemon, which can be eat together with the meat.

The friendly staff will help us to take out the ingredients from the stick and grill on the pot. Well, the staff cooked the meat in the right temperature, to make sure the tender and freshness of meat. 
One of the thing I found inconvenience will be the the meat is cut in big pieces, which you may need to further cut using your spoon, so that it can be easier to wrap with the lettuce. 
Besides the meat, you can see there is grilled egg around the pot, which is included in the set. 

2. Deep Fried Squid Cheesy Toppokki Stew
For those who love cheese, you should not miss this chessy toppokki stew. There are few other options of cheesy toppokki stew besides the squid. This includes the pork ribs,clams and fried chicken.
The fried squid are dipped in the cheesy sauce. You can coat your squid as much of sauce as you like.

3. Shimson Stew
One of the most recommended set if you have no idea what to eat in Omaya. 3 in 1 set, which included the army stew at the center of pot, cheese spicy Stir-fried Toppokki Chicken around the pot, and once you finish the army stew, they will served the Korean cheesy fried rice. 
In menu they recommend 2-3 person to share this pot. If you have a gang with small appetite , this set can definitely share with more person. Decent portion with reasonable price. 
For those who never try Korean meal before, this is the good start to have Shimson stew, to taste 3 different Korean food in the same time.     

4. Honey Makgeolli
Besides the food, you may try this Korean alcoholic drink- Honey Makgeolli. 
No worry, the alcoholic content is not high, with pleasant sweet taste from the honey. 
I like this drink, which is match well with the cheesy food I ordered. 
They served this Makgeolli with unique, small bowl.  

5. Rainbow Slush
For non-alcoholic drink, one of the special from the menu, which attract me will be this rainbow colours, with stylish drink bottle.
One of the funny thing when we had this drink will be difficulty in having our first sip. Hahaha, due to tall size of bottle, it's take time ( and effort!! haha!!)  to have the first sip.
The drink is sweet and frozen. I will like it more if it's not sweet~~

Come and try Omaya, which located at new shoplots area in Mount Austin. ( Better to make reservation before go. )

More information:

FB page :
Call for reservation : 07 364 3183 / 017 632 6618

Address: No.49 & 51, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Tmn Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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