My experience with Jonlivia LED Compression Pants

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Exercise benefits everyone. No matter what your age, everyone benefits from exercise.
Recently, I'm looking a suitable pant for my Tabata training session.
Came across the brand Jonlivia after reading some recommendations from social media.
Jonlivia LED Compression Pants is one of the popular workout pants from the brand.

I took M size for the pants. When I just received my pants, I was scared about the length of the pant. ( since I'm quite tall, about 166cm). The pants look short in length.
I'm surprise when I tried it, it perfectly fit me.
As the name of pants highlighted - 'LED' and 'compression', Jonlivia workout pants is different from other brands of workout pant, with unique design of LED strip at the side of pants.
It's well suite for those who wanna do night run or workout in the dark.

For 'compression', I felt fit and tight when I wear this Jonlivia workout pants.
In the beginning, I'm worrying about the tightness of pants will make me uncomfortable or look fat.
I get rid of my worry after looking myself in front of mirror with the pants.
The pants designed with skinny leg opening cutting, which look slim after wear.
The material of pants is elastic,anti-pilling, breathable and stretchable , which make you feel comfortable and great even wearing for whole day. ( 87% nylon, 13% spandex)

I tried this pants while doing my Tabata session. Even I sweated a lot, the fabric of the pants doesn't look wet. Since the pants is stretchable, I have no problem to do some big movement and stretching with the pants.
I did wear this pants for my most recent vacation. I walked a lot with this pants and I don't feel uneasy after long hours.
Well, this pants can be in casual and stylish too, not limited to workout only.

So, what you waiting for? You can now purchase your LED-compression pants via their official website!! 

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I hv bought through today for LED compression pant , feel very comfortable when first time wearing , lovely sport tight pant , it's also suitable for Unisex

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