Redken x Toyako : Product Launching and New Opening at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

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Year 2017 is gonna be a prosperity year, as 3 new shopping malls opened in JB before the end of this year.
Paradigm Mall, one of the latest shopping mall have their opening in the end of November 2017.
Toyako Salon have their new branch in this latest shopping mall, located at 2nd floor of the mall.

Toyako Salon provides variety of service, from hair cut, colour, perm, rebond and treatment. 
One of the service that you can only get it at Toyako Salon will be the treatment with Redken product. 
Redken is an American hair care brand, which have wide range of product for different condition of the hair. 

Redken launched the latest product and treatment with Toyako Salon-- the Clean Maniac Micellar series, which highly focus on clean, fresh and healthy hair care.  
Micellar shampoos offer a new type of hair cleansing experience that gently washes away dirt, grit, pollution, product build-up and excess oils.
Micellar technology is quite common to be see in skincare. The micelles are helping to get your hair as clean as possible without being too aggressive on your hair.

I tried their Clean Maniac Micellar treatment, using Redken Clean Maniac product. 

The shampoo and conditioner are silicone and sulfate free, which make it suitable for most of the users. 

The whole treatment took about 1 hour. It started with pre-art treatment, then continue with applying the thick cream to my hair. The hair left for few minutes, then rinsed and washed with Clean Maniac shampoo and conditioner.

The Clean Maniac shampoo and conditioner have a nice pleasant smell, which is notable everytime after I used it. My scalp is clean and fresh after using the Clean Maniac product. The Clean Maniac series is suitable for all hair condition, especially if you are stay outdoor for long time.
It's very comfortable and pleasant experience to have my hair treatment with Redken and Toyako Salon. 

If you are not sure which type of Redken treatment is suit to you, you may drop by any of the Toyako Salon in Johor Bahru to have personal consultation on your hair condition. Besides the newly open in Paradigm Mall, Toyako Salon also have their outlets in Sutera Mall, Holiday Plaza, Johor Jaya, Aeon Tebrau City and Plaza Pelangi too. 

More information about Redken and Toyako Salon :
FB page:
Phone for reservation : 016-771 2933
Address: 2F-76, Level 2, Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

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