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If you are looking a place to some chill after work, Friendscino have all you needs, in both entertainment and food.

Friendscino, a name that you will link to "friends".
Friendscino – Cultivate from the abbreviation "Friends, Culture Is Not Optional". Friendscino Restaurant & Darts Bar was founded in 2010, with 6 outlets throughout the Peninsular Malaysia.
This high energy ambient Restaurant offers an extensive western cuisine that suitable for family, groups, corporate event, and private parties.

The southern region outlet located at the heart of Johor Bahru town, which the restaurant can be easily spotted along Jalan Serampang. I came and tried some dishes in this restaurant last weekend.

Once you step into restaurant, there is a ready stage and equipment for live band performance (Daily 9PM – 12AM).

The Friendscino restaurant and bars have very wide space and area to hold the function or party. There are 2 floors for the restaurant. The upper floor have more private area and entertainment activities, such as darts machine, pool table and karaoke room.
Darts machine

Pool Table

Karaoke Room

Time is well spent for a gathering, not just the company, but also tasting the good food together. 
One of the latest menu in Friendscino- Raclette Cheese Bistro Bites, which is good sharing platter during gathering. 
To be honest, there is not much restaurants in JB served the raclette cheese. Friendscino served raclette cheese as topping with 3 different matches. 

For those who wondering what is raclette cheese: 
Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk Swiss cheese, which the cheese is heated and scrape off the melted part for serve.

The common match - raclette cheese with baked potato and ham. This match is the safest, if you never try raclette cheese before. The potato is baked until soft, which the skin can be easily peel off. There is not much other seasoning beside the raclette cheese. Therefore you can indulge with the taste of raclette cheese.

As a cheese lover, personally I like raclette cheese a lot. In my opinion, you can't eat much, since the texture of raclette cheese is thick and you can easily get full after few bites.
The amazing match - raclette cheese with mushroom spread, beef bacon and truffle oil on the top of baguette.
Cheese with bread, which is also quite common match in western cuisine. The thing I amaze the most is the topping. Every bite you have, you will feel a very fragrance truffle oil with overload spread and thick raclette cheese. The bread is not hard, but unexpectedly crunchy.

The fusion match- raclette cheese with seafood egg rolls with seaweed and tortilla chips.
It's a very interesting fusion between eastern egg rolls with western raclette cheese and tortilla chips. The cheese will also spread it on the top of the egg rolls, and it's very nice to dip your tortilla chips with the melted cheese. I like the fusion of taste, and there is full ingredient of seafood spread with minimum seasoning inside the egg rolls, which the raclette cheese enrich the taste of this egg rolls.

If you are not the cheese lover, you can have this Bistro Bites Platter, which include the onion rings, potato chips, potato fries and sweet potato fries.
With only RM10.90, you can have all 4 different types of crispy snack bites with your friends and family.
Highly recommended the sweet potato fries! You can taste the nature rich taste from sweet potato, fried into crispy orange colour.

Besides the snack, if you want to have a full lunch or dinner meals, you can try this Friendscino new seafood sharing platter- Shell Out!!!

2 different sauces for your choice. 

The seafood is grill and baked, served on the top of a clean paper. The restaurant is considerate in providing some water at the side for customer to wash their hands after eating the seafood. The creamy cheese sauce is immersed into the flesh of seafood, which enrich the fresh seafood. 
For crab lover, you can add-on the price to have crab in the same time. 

Talking about western cuisine, steak is the first thing come to most people's mind. 
Friendscino serves their all time favourite- Australian Striploin Meltique Beef, with quality and thick meat. 

All time favourite refreshing appetizer - Fresh Salmon Trout Carpaccio.

For Beverage, Friendscino serves wide variety of drinks, which suit to different needs. I tried this Asam Boi Lime Mojito, which was well decorated and matched with the meal ordered. 3 asam boi are used in a glass of this mojito, which give a strong taste of sweet, salty and tangy.
Cranberry Crush and Asam Boi Lime Mojito

Besides the non-alcoholic drink, Friendscino is having promotion on their Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Somersby Sparkling Rose and Clarendelle wine.  

Clarendelle is a Bordeaux wine brand launched in 2005 by Clarence Dillon Wines, established in Bordeaux. Its name is inspired by Clarence Dillon, who established the family's presence in the Bordeaux area in 1935. It is also related to the term “claret” that designated the Bordeaux wines during the 17th and 18th century in England. The wines are made according to the Bordeaux style and tradition.

Friendscino turns it Restaurant into the best entertainment bar by nightfall with the wide range of best chilled beer in town, the restaurant turns into the most preferred bar to spend the evening.

Do come and have fun in Friendscino for your next gathering and party.  

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” -- Auguste Escoffier

For more information:

No. 55, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor

Booking reservation: 013-359 0443 ( especially if you want to use entertainment facilities)

Do follow their FB page for more promotional event :

Friendscino Pelang J.B Operation Hour:
Sun – Thu : 11AM – 2AM
Fri & Sat : 11AM – 3AM

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