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The latest shopping mall in Johor Bahru, Paradigm Mall has been opened for few months. As usual like other new shopping mall, curiosity attracts a lot of crowd to visit the mall.
One of the attraction points for Paradigm Mall is the new brand and restaurant having their 1st outlet in Johor Bahru.
Gokako is one of it.

Gokako, Malaysia’s first trendy roasted chicken food chain restaurant with the aim is to solidify the harmony feelings of our three major nationalities in Malaysia.
“Gokako” is derives from the combination of three languages in Malaysia: “Goreng” “Kao” “Koli”
The innovative idea to blend the uniqueness of Malay, Chinese and Indian food into one.

Located at 4th floor in Paradigm Mall, near to cinema ( just taking escalator down and you will spot it)

New in Gokako!!!
No worry if you have kids having meal with you, there is kid's zone , which they can have fun aside of having nice meal.

Creation of Gokako mini burger is the latest trend natural homemade mini color burger with the flavor Original(red) ,Gula Melaka(Yellow) and Sambal(Blue)
As you see the distinctive bright colour of burger, the colour is all from natural ingredient. Red colour from beetroot, blue colour from blue pea flower (bunga telang) and yellow colour from Turmeric herbs ginger. No artificial colouring at all.
The mini chicken chop inside the burger is quite juicy, with different flavouring sauce, and some
lettuce , coleslaw ,cheese, onions and tomato to boost the fiber and nutrition of the burger.
It's different taste if compare with other burger you can find in other restaurant, especially the burger with gula melaka and sambal flavouring, which you can find spicy and sweet in your bites.

Besides the colourful mini burger, the colourful Gokako rice attracted my attention too. 
The colouring is from natural ingredients too, red from beetroot, yellow from tumeric and green from pandan. 
All these natural ingredients not only give nice colouring, but it's provided nutrients too. 
Beetroot is great in boosting the stamina, Pandan leaves helps in relieving the pain , while the tumeric has antioxidant, which is good for health. 
White rice may not catch your kids attention to having the meals, but colourful, healthy rice will definitely make them fall in love in finishing the meals. 

We can see few trendy, new idea about nasi lemak, which fuse into western cuisine and fast food in the recent year. Nasi lemak burger is one of the most hit and popular, especially in KL. 
Not only burger, Gokako have their very latest and creative nasi lemak pizza, 1st in JB. 
Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.
This pizza included all the ingredients you can find in nasi lemak, such as anchovies ( ikan bilis), peanuts, eggs,onion and chicken as the topping, with sambal sauce and cheddar & mozzarella cheese. 
It's very tasty, heavy in personal as many ingredients served in 10 inch tortilla flour (small, thin flat bread made from wheat flour), cut into 8 pieces. 
I recommend to eat this pizza with Gokako rice, if you prefer ligther taste. 

Another creative pizza from Gokako-- Gula Melaka Pizza
Gula Melaka, aka brown sugar is a very common ingredient used in Malaysian cuisine. 
With traditional homemade Gula Melaka sauce combine with the topping fresh chicken, onion
and mix cheese which finish with sprinkle toasted coconut that bring irresistibly sweet flavor.
Because the taste of this pizza is sweet, I would say this can be a dessert too. 

My favourite in Gokako- the juicy & crispy fried chicken, with different sauce.
3 flavours available- Original, Curry and Gula Melaka.
I like it a lot- something similar to Korean Fried Chicken, but Gokako served a better local fried chicken with innovative sauces, which challenge your taste buds.

If you don't like fried chicken, you can also try their roasted chicken, with 2 different flavours.
Gokako uses marinated chicken drumstick bake and grill to perfection original flavor and with
our special favorite Gokako dipping sauce to serve.
The chicken is tender, soft and not oily.

Do come and try this unique, creative and innovative restaurant in Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru, with fusion taste that you will looking for. 

Latest signature dish by Gokako with burung puyuh (Quail)

More information :
No pork, No lard
Website :
FB page :
Address:  4F-49, Level 4, Paradigm Mall, Taman Bukit Mewah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-232 3114

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