My first try of messy bun (脏脏包)

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Did you know messy bun??
It's now the most trendy and popular in social media, with people sharing their messy face after eating the messy bun.
It is called “Messy” because Cocoa powder will easily leave stain on face, while chocolate ganache causing teeth dirty. The person eating the bun will look “Messy” in the end.  

SDS is going to launch newest trendy bun, namely “Messy Bun” which is capable to make a person “messy” after enjoyed it, on 16th April 2018.

It's my first time try the messy bun. As expected, the bun is with chocolate filling coated with thick  chocolate ganache and full of cocoa powder. The bun is soft and not flaky.
Before try, I heard a lot of comments on other messy bun, mentioned the messy bun is high calories with overload sweetness. SDS messy bun is sweet, not overload, with a bit bitter due to cocoa powder.

Pre-launch special price: RM 3 (Period: 13/4 – 15/4/2018) at SDS located at Kota Tinggi, JB City Square, Paradigm Mall JB, AEON Mall Kulaijaya, FANPEKKA Cafe by SDS, Taman Johor Jaya, Plaza Pelangi, and Giant Plentong only.

Available at all SDS bakery outlets on 16th April 2018 onwards at usual price RM5.80 (RM5.22 for SDS members

For more information, you may follow SDS latest update at their social media platform.

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