A day with Rohingyas Refugee Kids,Darul Uloom Blossom Garden

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Before start the topic, I would like to apologize about the late update of my blog
Recently I'm busy with my final exam, and I still have 3 papers next week to go,
After the exam, I can enjoy my holiday and the festival I look forward every year, Chinese New Year!!!!
So, my condition now is writing this post to relieve stress...haha!!

As I promised on last post, This post is also related to refugee kids,
and this time the kids are from Rohingyas,
You may wonder, Who are Rohingyas??
I'm curious about it too before going...
and It's a long story again to tell ( about country history....LOL!!) Even the director of Darul Uloom Blossom Garden told a long story to explain to us too....haha!!

So ,to summarise, this ethnic of refugees have uprooted from their homes and forced to live as illegal immigrants in Bagladesh, Pakistan,Malaysia and Thailand, after their home country, Myanmar denied their citizenship due to some political and conflict reason.
and One of the place of their living in Malaysia is at Klang, and their children are sent to Darul Uloom Blossom Garden for education.

This is the 1st post-event after the IYEP5 programmes. Some of us joined this visit and we gathered at JUST office. Here the look!!! ( If you don't know what is IYEP and JUST, pls refer previous post)

and here the children!! Children are from different age group, but need to study in a small house together...
From their website info, they are around 64 students regularly enrolled in some classes and 3 teachers are serving on this institution.

They have the right to have formal education, but they can't,
The children are innocent, however from the day they born, they are refugees,
They can't choose their life they want to be...
luckily they have place for them to gain some fundamental knowledge
( For your infomation, in Malaysia, refugee children are not allowed to go to public schools like us )
Although they are not as lucky as us, they are still happy and content with their life..
These children just like us....but they are "stateless"

The purpose of the visit is to bring some joy and have fun with them...
We teach them to sing song , learn English and Math from the games.....

See how joyful the children are !!! I'm mixing with the children and play together with them!!
I felt like I'm still children in sudden ( haha!!!! they are energetic too...)
Hurray !!!

Group photo of us with Ustaz Mohammad Sadek, director of Darul Uloom Blossom Garden.

Photo credit to Enjay and My HTC Mozart!!!

For more infomation about Rohingyas and Darul Uloom Blossom Garden : http://blossomgarden.webs.com/whoarerohingyas.htm
Address : Lot 1073-A, Batu 1 ¾ KG Sungai Pinang Dalam, Jalan Kapar, 41400 Klang, Selangor

You can help them too, just go to their website to know more on how to help refugee kids.

" It's the little things that make the biggest difference!"


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