5th Inter-civilizational Youth Engagement Programme (IYEP5)

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Before end of year 2011, I think this is the biggest debt I need to pay to them....
and the method to pay is writing this post...
Since in the booklet of event, introduction of each participants, I'm being labelled as "blogger"
so, no choice....( but I remember I didn't mention I'm a blogger in application...quite weird, but it my honour too....haha!!!)

It was a 5days 4 nights programme, organised by International Movement for A Just World (JUST)
JUST is one of the NGO in Malaysia with main objective to develop public awareness about iniquities and injustices in the existing global system, and to nurture deeper appreciation among people less fortunate in the world by create better understanding to the young generation.

Inter-civilizational Youth Engagement Program (IYEP) is an annual JUST event and it come to 5th year in 2011.It held at Shah Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

This theme attracted me to join... and I was wondering what will discuss in this programme.

So surprise that my essay entitled " What debt? Oh that debt..." written during application was include in the booklet.....( shy leh,pls don't read what I wrote lah....haha)
Welcome Speech from Dr Chandra Muzaffar, President of the JUST.

One of the speakers, Dr. Mohd Yunus bin Yasin
I like how he presented his speech, in unique way,
like the picture below, showing a other country note
Another speaker, Mr. John Cheong Zhit Hou, who is an ex-JUST YLP participant, sharing his experience about anti-corruption in Malaysia.

Throughout the programme, We were using World Cafe concept to deliver and expand our idea and opinion, which I feel an effective way to absorb all infomation in a short time.

and here are some work done by using World cafe concept, It's combining 4 mahjong paper together and we just draw and write anything you would like to share about certain topics.
The discussion divide into 3 parts: What is Debt? Who Created Debt? and How Do We Repay Debt?
And it mainly divided into several major points such as social values, culture, environment, economics, individual and community responsibility.

Besides discussion, we were doing a simple questionnaire to understand ourselves better on our learn style. I'm balancing type, which is flexible in moving around with many style but I must admit that I'm indecisiveness....( quite accurate in some sense.....)

Our "sugar cube"...actually it's like a mailbox and we can send our "secret" messages to anyone through this "sugar cube"
JUST is also the partner of Charter for Compassion , and all participants were involved in the launch of The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World . More infomation about this launch you can go to this link .

One of the speaker, Dr Shad Faruqi, who share his thought on dead penalty in some countries. It is still a controversy whether dead penalty should abolish or not...

In the end of the night of 11November 2011, I signed the charter and poppies were placed on a ‘field". There is a long story about the poppies flower, and this flower is a remembrance of those who died in order to get freedom.( if I'm not wrong.....)
We had some performances such as sketch, singing, dancing...etc to spread our words to create non-violent world, I'm singing "We Are the World" with all the participants.

In another day, we were spreading our love by spending hours with refugee kids,
Here a group photo and we were excited to meet the kids...

The kids are around 7- 18 years old and most of them are not really understand English, but the communication between them were not affected by language barrier.

We prepared games, football challenges and have fun with them..They are energetic ( but I'm thinking I'm old already....haizzz.....).

I felt contented on what I have....and I'm lucky, live in a peaceful country,having free education.....
What I deserved everytime when I becoming a volunteer, I will appreciate what I have now, ( and I should learn more on how to deal with the children so that next time I can give more fun to the children.....hahahaha.....)

I appreciated I have a nice food throughtout the 5days 4 nights, a nice place to stay

appreciate that I able to know new friends from many other countries and background....
To end the post, I shared some of the words from my last group of presentation during the programme...( I think some of us feel familiar with this sentences right??)

Want to know more about JUST ? : http://www.just-international.org/

Photo credit to : Ida, Enjay and my HTC Mozart (haha!!!!) .....

Look forward for my next post
A day with Rohingyas Refugee Kids,Darul Uloom Blossom Garden

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