Come Rain or Come Shine- Wacoal Cocktail party

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Rain?? Shine??

Before the party, I was in deep thought about this theme,It's a weather-related party...

when I look back my invitation card, dress code stated "wear your favourite weather" (too late to see it, or else I wear raincoat jor...haha, kidding la..)

No matter it's rain or sunshine,happy or sad, Wacoal, with you always....

Since its establishment in 2003, Wacoal Malaysia is fast becoming the leader in the domestic undergarment market. Riding on Wacoal's 62 years of brand history and 8 years track record in the country, Wacoal Malaysia strives to deliver the choosiest, quality undergarments to Malaysian women.

The party located at Saujana Hotel,a classy place with nice scenery...It's my 1st time at Saujana in Kuala Lumpur. (Actually,in Johor also have Saujana, but that is a Menteri Besar Johor house.haha!!)
Senja Italian Restaurant at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A long runway for fashion show later.

Nice finger foods; wine, juice were provided--It's time to build networking!!!

Thanks you to Kay and Yeeing for the invitation.

Event start with ballet performance by 3 little dancers...

Opening speech by Hisao Sugiyama, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.
“The fundamental principle of Wacoal worldwide is based upon ‘Trust’,” said Mr Hisao Sugiyama. Trust is really important in every business lead to succeed

Buffet dinner was served...
I like dessert very much, and it decorated with cute christmas santa and snowman

Wacoal showcased its latest ensembles and the most dazzling of them all was the Fantasy collection
A range of vibrantly hued lingerie conceptualized for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day – for the upcoming season.
Jacinth, cerulean or vermillion – the 15 zesty shades featured in the Fantasy collection fully captured the essence of the latest colour frenzy.
Feminine yet playful, delicate swirls of laces intertwine with luxurious fabrics in most of the pieces; Others include a T-shirt bra embellished with intriguing shoulder straps.

All models are high ( very very very high) with very good body figure!!! hahaha!! envy!!

Almost all model are matching with some other items such as raincoat,flower, hat, accessories ...etc.. besides the undergarment, which I found it is creative and unique compared to other undergarment and lingerie fashion show. In my opinion, it also showed the background and idea of their design of undergarment.

Presentation of appreciation award to their business partners..Look the souvenir, It is a picture of bra....haha....

Group photo of female bloggers attend that night....

Credit to Choulyewtan


A classy party to release stress from load of work, temporary forget your responsible for hours..

Meeting new friends, bloggers....It's a joyful night and thanks everyone..

It my honour to involve in this party, and people from Wacoal are friendly and warm.

Like x100000 the goodies bag....haha!!!

* Most photo taken by my HTC Mozart...wuuhuu....can't compared to DSLR...T..T

That all <3

"No matter how your mood are today,
Just remember don't let your emotion control you."
-- Let's Shine!!!!!!!!---

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