MIFW- Quiksilver Roxy Spring Summer Launch 2012

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A big Thank you to Dustyhawk and Michelle for the invitation

Those who are familiar with me must be shock when they know that I'm attending a FASHION SHOW....

Yeap, recently having my 1st time attended quite a formal fashion show with long runway and many "extreme" high, slim,beautiful and muscular models

I admit my fashion "senses" is not that high but I'm happy with this nice experience.
I still know what is beautiful and what is in trend okay( just seldom apply to myself.......hahaha!!!)

This Fashion show is a collaboration with Malaysia International Fashion Association and an array of fashion designers and brands were presented in Malaysia International Fashion Week(MIFW).

and Roxy and Quiksilver are one of the brands presented in MIFW

Roxy, a quite familiar cloth brand to most of us in Malaysia,is an all-women brand with colourful, young and vibrant surf fashion and swimwear collection is the heart of every collection of Roxy.

While Quicksilver is one of the esteemed brands globally known in designing trendy apparels for the casual and young.

and tadaaaa!!!!!!!! Fashion show start and what I want to say is
It my honour to see the collection which not yet in store( only available by end of January 2012)

All the models are HIGH with extreme HIGH heel!!!!
Bright colour embodies spirit of summer...

bikini and tankini

Floral dress

overswims with cropped top and sweaters- individually owned unique trends...

Muscular tanned model!!!!!! woohoo!!!

Quiksilver Spring Summer 2012 includes a variety of boardshorts and walkshorts spotting floral & geometric prints and artwork by Quiksilver's very own athletes.For boardies,4-way Stetched Diamond Dobby with an added feature of Extreme Water Repellent Treatment and Quick Dry material which dries two times faster then an average boardshorts.

More pictures of collection you can go to Dustyhawk album (Official photographer of the event)

and the goodies of the event...I like the sunglasses so much!!!haha!!

Roxy and Quicksilver info website: http://quicksilverroxymalaysia.blogspot.com/


I searched the google map before going to Zebra Square( I never been there before)

I thought it is another shopping mall but I'm wrong...It is like a event hub,a place for organizing event, and it nearby Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC)

Zebra square so call zebra square because of their building with strip of black and white ( so sorry that no photo to show here....:o )

I bravely walked from KLCC to Zebra Square and It is a very very very long distance....(tired lo, never try for next time)

I think Zebra Square is still a new place since not so many people know the location( I found out on the way walking and asking for direction)

Anyway, It is eye-open experience and look forward more fashion event like this....

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OMG ! you walked?? =(

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