Have you registered as a voter?

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Are you 21 or above??

If yes, here a big question to you : Are you a registered voter?

Did you know that the election is looming around the corner? If you’re a first timer, just head on to Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) website for more information!

Malaysia is OUR home and it is OUR responsibility to vote!

As a Malaysia citizen,my vote may not change much but this is your right to choose what you feel is right...

when all votes come together, It can change,therefore don't underestimate your power..

So, when I celebrate my 21st birthday, instead taking golden key which remark me as an adult, I immediately go to nearby post office to register

yup, my application is "sah" already and I'm in the list of voter in my hometown.

For recent statistics, there are about 12 million registered voter in Malaysia,there are still many eligible voter who not yet register...

and if you want to become voter, quickly go to any post office nearby and bring along your IC...

and do it fast because
Election is coming soon...There are many rumour about date of election( I personally feel it will be after Chinese New year, just my guess la)

Your registration as voter take some time to process( you know la Malaysia "style".

Malaysia future depend on our vote.

look forward my first time.....as a voter in election in my country.

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( sorry for less "care" to this blog, look forward my posts in this blog about the events I attended recently, long queue posts ....Be patient ya..:D)

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coachnike28 said...

yes...as a malaysian we must!!!!!

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