World Peace??

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You know why the woman cried badly??
because she lost her children

Why she lost her children?
because of their situation

what situation?
wars? hunger?

I not sure whether wars is the factor, but in reality,
Wars lead to everything suffer and pain, which make woman cried
they are numerous innocent people sacrificed because of wars
They are so many woman like the woman in picture above,
cried because of their life which cannot be choose

Military is what lead to wars, and violent,
You may say military is necessary for every countries in order to protect their own countries.
but, if nobody have the intention to start, wars will never come
if nobody invent the weapon, world peace can achieve
However, it seem too far and impossible to achieve ...

It make me think of last symposium I attended, when a peace activist given speech and was surprised to know that most of the delegates (including me) were not believed that world peace can achieve, especially in short term.
What make me left deep impression about this peace activist,Dr Hakim,Founder of Afghan Youth Peace Volunteer ,it is because he strongly believe it's achievable..."Why not love?"

Even our own country issues, I think not many of us aware of it....
Sometime we think that even we concern about it, we can't change the situation
Even you oppose certain thing, it will still follow those with more power or with majority people

Therefore you may think petition will not work,
no matter it's work or not, at least this petition create awareness to public,
It let more people to know the current situation happened in a part of the world we are,
this small action may create bigger effect in world than your thought

In the name of PEACE we urge you to join this campaign. Sign here to show your solidarity with the lovers of peace. Spread this message and persuade your friends and relatives to endorse this call ----- NO TO MILITARY INTERVENTION IN SYRIA; NO TO MILITARY STRIKES AGAINST IRAN.

More infomation and petition can sign at here....

p/s: JUST is holding an In-house forum on next Saturday(11th February 2012) at JUST office, with topic "What Religion Means to Me in the Context of a Multi-religious World". You are welcome to join this forum.

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