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I know it's a long long time ago overdue post....( about 6 months ago thingy....LOL)
I feel so embarrassed for not continue the last post about this symposium.(Actually I have completed written this symposium in mandarin in my another blog, and for this blog, I written half way and didn't continue but still written " to be continue" in last post...LOL) You can check last post here
and somemore I just discovered that the organiser of the symposium read this blog,
and somemore they added my written post in one of the media gallery...

OMG!!! suddenly feel so malu with my poor writing skill + inaccurate grammer ...
So, to make myself feel better, I think I should continue the last post,
and what I haven't write and the most important part of the symposium held at Pattaya, Thailand in August of last year--- Learning Journey

Her name is Dabell...
She is so cute, just look like a normal children,
However, she can't listen,She is deaf.....
In 7-days symposium at Pattaya, I have opportunity to visit people who are less fortunate
Every group were given task to complete with less fortunate community
My group was given task to bring fun and joy to the deaf children from Pattaya Orphanage...
So, we brought the children to one of the famous tourism spot in Pattaya --- Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Learn some sign language from the children and the people in-charge of the school of deaf. We had some communication barrier since I don't know thai language and she is deaf...but with the help of people in-charge and some delegates from thailand, I know more about her..

We watched tigers and elephants shows. The children were energetic and keep clapping while looking at the tigers

The children always with happy face although our communication without the words
Dabell tried hard to let me know her thought, and end up she wrote many thai sign in my booklet, and all thanks to thai delegates to help me translate....

All children are very obedient and courtesy
You can see the children were queue to get their goodies....

And they bow after received goodies....
“we cannot spoil them, even though they are deaf, just treat them like normal children"
These children need our care, need the community to support and care them
although we can't do much to them,
at least this kind of visit make them feel that they are no different from others..
The deaf children still can live like normal children

Group photo with the deaf children

The children school, and also their home...

The Symposium move from the hotel to outdoor,
and Learning Journey make the whole symposium become more meaningful,
This is not my 1st time become volunteer but It's my 1st time become a volunteer outside my country,
In term of helping them, actually we learn more from those less fortunate
Their positive attitude and mindset, their optimism, their courage
Happy can be very simple, Happy does not necessary to use words to express
A smile from inner heart is the biggest happy

I'm happy to meet all delegates from different countries with the same passion in the 7-days symposium...

Hopefully I still have more opportunity to join this kind of activity...
and this year University Scholars Leadership Symposium will held at Bali, Indonesia..
Theme of this year : Making DREAMS happen
Application is open now..
A journey that you should not miss and you will not regret....
If you are interested, you can visit their website for more infomation

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