Science and Music

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Science, is what I study,
Music, is what I interested
I like both totally different field,
but I know I not an expert in music,
Therefore, I chose Science instead of music ( don't ask me why, I not science expert too...)LOL!!

I can find that some people can only accept 1,
and this is logic, as both field used different part of our brain
Some scientists are lack of music sense and appreciation,
Some musician are lack of interest in science

It's quite surprising me when my Organic Professor tell us that he like to listen orchestra
He know quite well on conductor name, name of pieces and some more he keep repeating his favourite...

He related classical music with science...LOL
as We need to appreciate those famous composer like Mozart and Beethoven for creating such a wonderful music, same theory goes to science, we need to appreciate those scientist who discover the most wonderful thing in this world.

and I and my another 2 coursemate stood beside the professor and watched this for 2+ times...

and this video ONLY focus on conductor, especially his expression and his hair....( I like to watch orchestra video but this is my 1st time watch a video with focusing conductor ONLY)

This famous conductor is Gustavo Dudamel....( 1st time I noticed conductor name, before that, I prefer to know pieces name than conductor instead....)
I know prof may want to inspire something....but I really don't understand why ask us to come and listen together ....ermmmm( not relate to science....)

Just sharing what I encountered in my last semester of student life....How fast time flies!!

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