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It's a long time I didn't treat myself well and spend money on my face,
Face is the most important part of body as our 1st impression on a people is look at their face,
especially for female, we wish our face always maintain at 18 years old,so we look young forever.

Thank to Cellnique for given me opportunity to experience the facial treatment service

First Image, Beauty and Body Concepts
ADD: Lot L3-28 Amcorp Mall,
Jalan Persiaran Barat
46200 PJ Selangor.
TEL :03-7960 3833

Series of Cellnique products on the shelf

I filled in my detail before the treatment start, so that the therapist can know well and select the suitable treatment for me.

There are four rooms in this outlet...

The therapist in charge of me, Jenny with 10 years experience in skin care and eyebrow embroidery. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the treatment. She explained every steps and every thing she applied on my face. I'm really satisfied her service.

She cleaned my face and checked my face condition. She analyzed my face condition and give some advice to me. She just checked through her naked eyes, didn't use any machine. My face is dry and a bit pale with some blackhead, therefore, she choose this treatment for me- Reversal Shaping Carboxytherapy, which mainly reinforce skin youthfulness and redefine facial contour.

This treatment mainly invoved 5 features, Carboxy Masque, Reversal Concentrate, Shaping Concentrate, Skin Relief Masque and Shaping Masque.
Active Ingredients used include Alariance, Marine Vitellines, Carboxy Complex ,Phytoestrogen, Shaping Complex.

Benefits of Reversal Shaping Carboxytherapy:
Activate longevity genes and recondition blemished DNA
Optimize skin behavior for a healthy-looking skin
Soften fine lines and heighten skin firmness
Promote a sharper, lighter and more lifted facial features
Revive and energize the skin to create a healthy rosy glow


Most of the time I closed my eyes and enjoy this treatment,so I didn't take much photo during treatment. I know that I keep applying mask and rest a while before proceed to next step.
While the 2 concentrate applied to my face, therapist use ultrasonic equipment to make it absorb effectively to my face. It's quite pain when the therapist tried to remove my acne and blackhead.

In between the treatment, the therapist also did some massage on my shoulder. ( from massage I can see how experience Jenny is as the massage is comfortable, using suitable force and applied on right position)

I had managed to take a photo on the last stage of treatment-when Shaping Masque was applied and therapist tied my head up, so that my face can lift up well.
Some sample and hydrating silk masque is given to me so that the effect of this treatment can prolonged. All 3 things are mainly hydrating products, in order to retain and hold the moisture of the face's skin.

The most prominent I can observe after the treatment
- My face become more smooth ( LIKE it so much...)
- less blackhead and acne( but still have la.....)
- Face not that pale as before...
- It look really brighter for next 2-3days, and return to normal for now....
-As for reshaping, I didn't see prominent change, most probably because I don't have baby fat on my face before,.My fat is always grow at bottom part of my body....T.T

It's me, taken this photo right after the treatment

Summary of each Step Features:

1. Carboxy Masque
Promote cell metabolism and normalize skin regeneration, Revive and energize the skin to create a healthy rosy glow. 
Restore even-toned skin and lighten hyperpigmentation marks.. 
Encourage Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid synthesis – skin retexturizing. Soften fine lines and heighten skin firmness. 
More about hyaluronic acid: https://goo.gl/DRQTDQ

2. Reversal Concentrate- Activate longevity genes and recondition blemished DNA. Optimize skin behavior and production of youth proteins.. Delay and sweep away the tell-tale signs of aging.

3. Shaping Concentrate -Minimize the appearance of heavy and puffy facial contour, Restore natural curvaceous facial contour by rebuilding fibrillin, Promote a sharper, lighter and more lifted facial feature.

4. Skin Relief Masque - Helps boost professionally treated skin by performing deep, intensive conditioning. Improves skin's natural protection barrier and helps restore suppleness

5.Shaping Masque - Posses wondrous skin uplifting and firming properties, Re-sculpt the heavy jawline and pendent, slacken jowl. Promote a sharper, lighter and more lifted facial feature.

This treatment would be go well with :
Reversal Diamond EGF Drop
Reversal Platinum Cream
Derma Brightening Complex
Amino Collagen C Intense Set.

Good news to all readers of my blog!! Limited to first 50 readers ONLY!! You could get RM100 Treatment Discount Voucher for 1st trial facial treatment and enjoy the facial treatment that I had in discount price!!! Interested?? It's easy to get it!!

1. Write a comment by clicking HERE on my wallpost on CELLNIQUE FB fanpage. ( don't disclose your email as privacy purpose ). Below are my FB wall post!!

2. CELLNIQUE will contact you with facebook personal message. You need to provide the details information: Full name, contact number, e-mail address, and preferred outlet....
3. E-voucher will be send to you. YOU need to print out the voucher and show it upon redemption.
4. You need to make facial appoinment with CELLNIQUE outlet and enjoy the discount.

Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
· Open for all aged 18 years old and above.
· Validity: 1 month from the date of issue.
· Only 1 redemption of discount voucher per person is allowed.
· This voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products, services or promotions.
· Please present voucher upon redemption.
· CELLNIQUE Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.
· The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
· Prior appointment is required, Please contact CELLNIQUE outlets for your appointment.
· Customer must show their e-voucher upon redemption.
· Redemption Days: Monday to Sunday, 10a.m to 8p.m.
· CELLNIQUE Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.

Wish you all good luck and enjoy your treatment like me!!!

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