My story with the cheapest Michelin 1 Star Chicken Rice @ Chinatown, Singapore.

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I was so surprised when I watched the Singapore TV news about the hawker center chicken rice had awarded Michelin 1 star.
I told my mum beside me, "Hey, we ate this chicken rice last year!!!"
During that time, this chicken rice stall is already well known in Chinatown.

When I have a daytrip to Singapore, most of the time I will pack some food from Malaysia.
One of my trip last year with my friends, we decided to have a rest and eating our lunch in Chinatown Complex..
This is my first time eating in Chinatown Complex.
I remember when I just step into the complex, there are so many food stalls, selling variety of foods. You can find anything you want.
I was walking around and thinking the food I would like to eat. ( It's easy to get lost as it's big and full of food stalls)
Even if you want to eat chicken rice, there are so many chicken rice stalls for you to choose, with different style and different price.
I decided to choose a stall which look popular, by searching the longest queue in front of the stall.
I found this chicken rice stall, which have the super long queue.
Wondering the reason, I start to follow the queue.
The first thing that amaze me about this chicken rice stall is the price.
S$ 2 for a plate of chicken rice!!! This is so far the cheapest meal I can find in the whole complex.
After the long wait, I got my chicken rice.
Well, to be honest, I don't find it very special or very tasty.
It's just a normal chicken rice, which using white rice with soy sauce instead of oily rice, don't have cucumbers or any vegetable.
Portion is good, chicken is tender, sauce is good, soup is not salty.
One of the weirdest thing is the beans- which normally don't serve with chicken rice.

After few months from the last trip, I have a daytrip to Singapore again. This time with my mum. I told my mum about this cheap S$2 chicken rice in Chinatown and she decided to try this chicken rice.
This is my second time having this chicken rice.
Still, the queue in front of the stall is the longest in Chinatown complex.
The chicken rice is still nice.
At least fill my stomach with full of satisfaction.
Overall, I tried this chicken rice twice before this chicken rice stall awarded with Michelin 1 star.

Well, many people may wonder how a hawker stall food can be awarded with Michelin 1 star.
If the locals introduce the food in Singapore to a foreigner, normally they may proud of their Hainainese Chicken Rice.
However, this 1 star Micelin Chicken rice is not even a Hainainse Chicken rice.
I would say this is one of the inspiration story to everyone who underestimate your potential ability. If you put in effort, you will receive your reward.
Michelin restaurant may sound like you can only find in those high class,expensive, fine dining restaurants.
Now, you can find in Singapore Hawker centre, which is affordable by everyone. You can taste the food with Michelin 1 star with affordable price.

"Golden rule of life: never underestimate!"

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle
Chinatown Complex
Smith Street Food Centre
Blk 335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun: 10am - 8pm
(Closed on Wed)

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